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Dunavox DX`s thermoelectric coolers protect not just the wine they store but their environment as well.  Because its technology does not require a coolant for cooling wine, it does not have a compressor, making its operation shock-free.  The double-layered glass door filters UV radiation and is coloured.  For a more aesthetic appearance its Italian designers did not design a separate handle for the door.  The wine coolers, aside from standard refrigerators, are black in colour.

Excellent for use at home and at events.  The advantages given by its technology are:

Small and Compact, Vibration Free (less disturbance on wine), Environmental Friendly, Energy Saving and Silent Operation.

Our current range includes choices of size from 8 to 21 bottles.

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Dunavox DX-24.68DSC Double zone thermo model. Its outer casing is black, its face plate is blac..