Thermoelectric Technology

Thermoelectric Technology

In the cooling system of thermoelectric wine coolers, the so-called thermocouples (also known as Peltier modules) are used.

These modules consist of pairs of dissimilar semiconductors between two ceramic plates. If electric current is applied to the modules one end heats up while the other end cools down. The temperature of the cold end of conductor pairs will quickly drop down the ambient temperature provided heat is driven away from the hot side. The generated temperature difference depends on the magnitude of current applied and also on the ambient temperature since the higher the ambient temperature, more current has to be supplied but there is a limit to its magnitude.

In short, thermoelectric cooling modules work as heat pumps driving heat from one surface to the other and generating cold temperature inside the appliance. The heat has to be effectively removed and dissipated for which fans are used in thermoelectric wine coolers.


Note : In Singapore's environment, please understand that the relative hot and humid weather would subject the cooler to higher temperature on average and also dependent on the ventilation and relative humility where the cooler is placed.  But even if it hovers around at an average storing temperature of 15-20 °C, it  is fine for storing most red wines.  As the thermoelectric wine cooler can only lower its cooling temperature to the maximum of 15 °C lower than the ambient temperature, it is suitable for those wine lovers that can accept a range of cooling temperatures which work fine for red and white wines. This is because our wine cooler sells globally and the temperate countries have room temperature of around 20-22 °C most of the time except Summer and hence setting the minimum temperature of 8 °C is not an issue, unlike in the case of Singapore which is like Summer throughout the whole year.


In summary, advantages of thermoelectric technology over traditional wine fridge are:

a. Small and Compact

Thermoelectric wine coolers are generally small and compact , and thus ideal in Singapore's environment where most of us are always trying to maximise our limited spaces in home and office.

b.  Vibration Free (less disturbances on wine)

Normal running fridge compressor causes vibration, which could disturb the natural sedimentation of solid particles in wines, and thus modify and spoil the flavour and consistency of it in the long run. With thermoelectric technology, there is no compressor and you are assured that wine could sustain its taste consistently.

c.  Environmental Friendly

Thermoelectric wine coolers are environmental friendly since they do not contain coolants that exist in common fridge, so they have less harmful impacts on the environment when they are disposed of at the end their life cycle.

d.  Energy Saving

Generally they use less electricity in their operation compared with traditional compressor fridges.

e. Silent Operation

The only noise is the moving part the fan for circulating the cold air within the cooler cabinet and driving out the generated heat which is negligible unless you want to put it near your bed!  A silent operating wine cooler is ideal as you can place it in your living room/office VIP room etc and have networking sessions without disturbances .