Info on Wine Cooler


1. If you are ordering more than one unit and would like them to be delivered in a single order, do contact us first before submitting your order.


2.  For Paypal payment, there is a Paypal surcharge of 3.9% of sale price + S$0.50. As our products are competitively priced, it will be difficult for us to absorb this fee. You can pay via Bank Transfer to avoid incurring this surcharge.



3. You can self-collect at our logistics partner, Division 1 at #02-03, Guan Hua Warehouse Building S(349569) Map. We will call you to make arrangement.


4. All wine coolers have a warranty of one year, as per standard industry practice.


  Wine Cooler


1.  It is recommended that you do not operate the wine cooler at its maximum cooling temperature as it will prevent the wine from exhibiting its flavours. Your red wines should be stored between 15-20 ˚C. (Source : UK Red Wine Review Para 8 click here). In addition, the wine cooler might have heavy condensation if your ambient temperature is at the high end due to the hot and humid climate here in Singapore.



2. Due to the hot and humid weather here, condensation might form outside the wine cooler,  especially if you place the wine cooler at a spot with high humidity. This is the same result as the condensation formed when chilled water is poured into a glass. It is not a product fault; so just wipe it dry with a dry cloth as and when necessary.



3. In Singapore's environment, please understand that the relative hot and humid weather would subject the thermoelectric cooler to higher temperature on average, and also it is dependent on the ventilation and relative humility where the cooler is placed.  But even if it hovers around at an average storing temperature of 15-20 °C, it  is fine for storing most red wines, see para 1 above.

For dual-zone thermoelectic wine cooler (wine cooler with 2 temperature settings, with the upper chamber having a more cooling power than the lower chamber), it is recommended that the temperatures between the chambers do not exceed 4 degrees Celsius.  Thus the recommended termperature for storing red wine is 15-16 degrees Celsius and white wine 11-12 degrees Celsius.



4. The stated capacity of the wine cooler is using the standard 750ml wine bottle as its reference.



5.  Please read the specifications and the product support to understand our products and service better.  You can contact us if you have any query.