Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1. What are the types of wine cooler available?


We offer a full range of compressor and thermoelectric wine coolers.   Please view the different categories of wine coolers by clicking on the main menu bar on top.  If you are unable to find any  model that suits you, please write to us at or click here to access the contact page.


2. What are the differences between thermoelectric wine cooler and compressor wine cooler?


Thermolectric wine cooler uses semiconductors to cool the wines whilst compressor wine cooler uses coolant, just like the common fridge at home.  You can access this link to understand thermoelectric technology better. You should also access this link to better understand wine coolers in general.


3. Where is Dunavox wine cooler from?


Dunavox is a company founded in Hungary and we are a popular brand in Europe. Dunavox brand of wine cooler is being distributed in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East.


4. What quality assurance does Dunavox have to offer?


We place very high standards on our manufacturing. Our manufacturers are ISO-9001 certified, and we have done rigorous testing before we ship our products out from the assembly line.




1. How do I purchase the wine cooler?


After deciding on the model and the quantity, just indicate it in the shopping cart and checkout , it's that simple!.


2. What are the modes of payment?


3 types of payment: a) cash on delivey or  b) credit card c) Bank Transfer


For a, we will get in touch with you with regard on the payment and delivery details.  For b, you can pay using credit card via Paypal System. If you are not a Paypal member, you can still pay through the option of using your bank's credit card. For c, there will be instruction on how to transfer the monies.


3. Why are Delivery and Credit Card Administrative Fees imposed for Paypal payment?

As our products are competitively priced, it will be difficult for us to absorb the delivery costs and credit card administrative fees, unless we are doing promotion. 


4. Credit Card Administration Fees

The current administration fees charged by Paypal is 3.9% + S$0.50, and you  would see a higher total compared to cash-on-delivery payment.  As stated, we are unable to absorb this fee but even after taking into account such fee, you will still find Dunavox wine cooler a sure buy in terms of price-quality performance.


5. Why are the Transport and Payment Terms governing the purchase?


Please view this page.




1. Can I collect the wine cooler myself?


You can select the option "Pickup from Store" during checkout to indicate self-collection, and we get in touch with you to schedule the date/time for self-collection. However, do note that majority of wine coolers are heavy and bulky, and it might not be easy for you to transport it yourself, and also if you are not careful in handling compressor wine cooler, gas might leak out.


After collecting the wine cooler, please check that the box and cooler are undamaged, otherwise the Company cannot accept or rectify any claim. 


Also, for urgent request, the collection time is subject to our availability at the warehouse. Do contact us first to check for availability.