Terms & Conditions

General Information

Please read the product's specifications carefully to ensure that you have fully understood the nature of the product that you are purchasing, do contact the Company if you have any query.
Please note the below:

1. Dunavox Asia is not liable for any damage to its product or customer's cabinet if customer does not follow the installation instruction found on our website or in user manual. There will be no refund and warranty will be void.
2.  Thermoelectric wine cooler cools up to 15 ˚C lower than the ambient temperature e.g. if ambient temperature is 32 ˚C then the lowest temperature it can achieve is 17 ˚C.
3.   Condensation might form outside the wine cooler,  especially if you place the wine cooler at a spot with high humidity. This is due to the hot and humid weather here in Singapore and is the same result as the condensation formed when chilled water is poured into a glass. It is not a product fault; so just have to wipe it dry with a dry cloth.
4, In general, any transport to and from customer's place is chargable, whether it is for purchasing, replacing, servicing, refunding etc unless otherwise stated by the Company.
5. The stated capacity of the wine cooler is using the standard Bordeaux 750ml wine bottle as its reference.
Once you have placed an order, it is considered as accepted. You will receive an email notification on your order, which provides a check on the correctness of your order.  The orders are received by the company within 24 hours on working days, and the company ensures that you will receive the product within the normal turnaround time.

The company accepts only orders within Singapore.
Below are standard terms and conditions with regard to receiving goods/warranty/right of withdrawal, do contact us if you need clarification.


Transport and Payment Terms


You may select the option of self collection by selecting "Pickup from Store", and your Delivery Fee would not be imposed.  However, do call us first to ascertain the possibility of self collection.




Please inspect the package during delivery, and if it is damaged, do not take over the package. If you are not available during the time of delivery, please appoint someone to inspect on your behalf.The company is unable to accept any claims for damages after you have accepted the product and paid for it.






The delivery fee for each product is indicated in a separate line item when you make your order, and also in notification sent to you via email.


  • Cash on Delivery
  • Credit card: The company use Paypal. Even though you might not be a Paypal member, you still can pay via the standard VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card cards etc using Paypal.  Please note that an administration fee has to be imposed by the Company for the right to use Paypal’s and the services of the credit card.
  • Bank Transfer





The company offers a warranty for a period of 12 months upon purchase date as per standard practice.


If the cooler is not functioning properly, the customer will have to bring down to the customer service centre by making arrangement with our customer service officer at 9173 4855.  We can arrange transport and the cost per trip depending on the model as stated in the Right of Withdrawal below.
On-site support is only available during weekday AT office hours with $50 transport cost per trip.  Additional charges will be levied on requests during weekends.

If the unit is found to be in working condition, a levy of S$50 will be charged for the manhours spent investigating the problem.

If the customer requests for on-site investigation, the Company will have to charge minimum S$50 per trip.


Replacement Conditions:



Replacement is only for DOA (Dead On Arrival) within 48 hours of delivery. Only product that is intact, together with accessories and original box that are correctly returned are valid for replacement.


Right of withdrawal


Every customer who purchases our product has the right of withdrawal for 7 days, which is available on the following conditions:


  • The right applies to all products, which is unopened, or separated, but the complete package must return back to the warehouse. The buyer must prove that why the product cannot be used. The customer is expected to engage the Company's appointed Logistic Agent and pay for the transport to the warehouse to return the product.  No return by the customer on his own is allowed.  Please check with the Company on the required transport charges.
  • The right of withdrawal does not apply to the situation when the buyer has received a clearly damaged product, therefore for the benefit of customer, he could request for inspection of product when it is being delivered before signing off the invoice/delivery order.
  • Withdrawal can be made either through email request or in person.
  • If returned in person and accepted by us, the company will reimburse the refund immediately.  If returned via email request, the company would take not later than 5 working days for refund as the courier has to fetch the product and the company has to take time to determine the withdrawal request.  For any accepted withdrawal, the refund will be credited into the customer's bank account as specified.
  • The refund does not apply to delivery costs, as well as the return costs, which are to be borne by the customer. In the event of free delivery during promotion, the customer must bear return costs for returned product if he/she would like to engage our services to transport the product.
  • In the event that the customer has already used the product, the withdrawal request will not be valid and the customer must incur any costs at his expense if he attempts to return the product.
  • If the product is proven to be damaged as the result of transportation and the damage incurred prior to the receiving of the product, the exchange for similar product is acceptable during the 7 days “grace period”.  In this case, the company will depend on the courier’s report to justify the cause of damage.
  • If the customer decides to cancel an order before its delivery, or after 7 days after the delivery, the customer’s bank account will be debited with the costs of the product as specified in the original order.
  • The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods purchased in person i.e. cash and carry.


Refund Policy



Please note the the refund policy is applicable only to the right of withdrawal and not thereafter.


For example, if 7 days have already elapsed after delivery when the good is due accepted in good condition, and the customer suddenly lodges a complaint that the cooler has not met the temperature specifications, an investigation would be carried out to determine the cause. If the cause is due to product-fault, a replacement will be issued and the customer does not have the right to demand for refund.